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Sharp Android TV | Sharp 55BL5EA Ultra HD 4K TV | US 2020

Sharp Android TV US 2020- Hi  and welcome, today I am going to gives you the detail about Sharp Android TV, In which, we discuss about  Sharp 55BL5EA Ultra HD 4K TV. This TV is available in the Consists of 3 series – BL2, BL3, and BL5 – all available in sizes from 40 up to 65 inches.

The BL5 series performance of all three series is the same. Samsung and other brands are implementing their technology and features, even on much more expensive models. So it is nice to see that Sharp TV’s is not following their foot steps here.

You can see variations in prices of BL5 Series. The prices depends upon their sizes, you know that.

Sharp Android TV – The Complete Entertainment SAGA

The New Sharp Android TV operating system in version 9, with built-in Google Assistant, access to Google Play store, movies, music and games as well as Chrome cast. So you can easily stream review guides from your phone on the big screen. You can say it is full pack Entertainment SAGA.

The integration in Sharp Android TV was done correctly and that the result is very good the system boots under 4 to 5 seconds. Navigation is fast and we haven’t seen any app not responding or resetting itself.

The boot time and the new operating system is such an Improvement over the old Aquos Net+, which was much slower, lacked apps and had stability issues.

sharp android tv

Picture Quality – Sharp Android TV | Sharp 55BL5EA Ultra HD 4K TV

The picture quality is not bad in Sharp Android TV | Sharp 55BL5EA Ultra HD 4K TV, brightness of the panel is too much attractive. The BL5 series is based on a 60 Hz VA panel with native Ultra HD 4K resolution and support for HDR10 and HLG. Picture engine implemented is called ACE PRO ULTRA which promises powerful image optimization that analyzes and improves review guide signals for accurate colors, improved sharpness and reduced noise.

It is a good up scaling of SD and HD content, without ringing or stair-stepping effect and in that aspect is comparable to other TVs in this price category. Cadence detection of interlaced signals was also correctly done and BL5 (Sharp 65 Inch TV) managed to detect 24p movie content within such signals.

Noise reduction was effective when engaged and film grain was looking natural, As local dimming on hardware level is not available in this price category, it is really nice to see that global dimming was not implemented.

Global dimming is an effect that kicks in when the scene is very dark by reducing the LED back light intensity so that blacks look more realistic. As a side effect, this darkens the entire scene and details are lost in the picture.

Screen of Sharp Android TV | Sharp 55BL5EA Ultra HD 4K TV

The semi-glossy screen is surrounded by dark grey plastic bezel 13 mm wide on sides and 20 mm on the bottom. On the backside, the upper half is made of metal and the bottom half is made of plastic. In the bottom area are all the connectors, threaded holes for mounting the TV on the wall and speakers. TV stands on two separate feet made of aluminum. On the 55” model, the distance between the feet is 110 cm.


TV has all the usual connectors plus some unusual ones. First, there are 4 HDMIs out of which three are in version 2.0 and support 4K at 60 frames per second. You will also find here antenna and satellite inputs, common interface, Ethernet, Tos link and RCA analog inputs as well as 3.5 mm audio output.

You also get 2 type-A USB connectors and you will also surprised to get facing to the side is one micro USB and next to it TF card slot for TransFlash / Micro SD cards. Wireless options include built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and both were working well during the test.

Remote Control

The remote was also touched by almighty Google as there is now a Google Assistant button and built-in microphone, as well as dedicated buttons for YouTube and Google Play Movies.

Netflix and Prime Review guide buttons are also given on the remote, so it will more easy to get on the app instead of finding the Netflix or prime app on search or menu. For some reason, only buttons in the center area of the remote have click sound and give a good feeling when pressed.

Best Alternatives of  BL 5 Series

As an alternative to Sharp Android TV, We recommend you some Samsung Smart TV like RU8000 series with Tizen OS, 120 Hz screen and much better picture quality.

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