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sony 65 inch tv x850f

Sony 65 inch TV X850F– Hello Guys, Welcome to my blog, in this review guide will make your way easy to choose the right product for you. As we know, there is various smart TV product has been listed over on E- Commerce website and due to which, it very difficult to find the best one.

sony 65 inch tv x850f website is very much know very much know that, how is a difficult task is this. As no one want to ruined their hard earn money or invest int wrong product. Now we are going to share the information related to Sony 65 inch TV X850F.

In which you can get:-

  • Product Overview
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About Sony 65 inch TV X850F

The Sony Smart TV is the highest rated product and have their own brand image as well like other top brands in the market. In the 65 inch category, Sony have very popular series of Smart TV’s like:-

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But the Sony 65 inch TV X850F It’s agood 4k TV with an IPS panel. It is also known as the XF85 in the UK or Europe, and we expect these international variants to offer very similar performance.


The design of the Sony 65 inch TV X850F is great. It looks very similar to the higher end Sony X900F, when viewed from the front, including the wide set stand. This does leave space for a soundbar in front of the TV though. The controls consist of 3 buttons behind the left edge of the TV. They can be a bit hard to find if the TV is placed close to a wall due to their small size and inconvenient location.

When viewing the TV from the side, it appears quite thin. This is good for those who want to wall mount it as it won’t stick out much.The borders of the TV are also thin and look good.

Picture Quality

The Sony 65 inch TV X850F model has an IPS panel with a low native contrast ratio, so blacks appear gray when viewed in a dark room. For those who watch TV in a dark room, a TV with a VA panel and a high native contrast ratio maybe a better choice. Note that the 85″ model is different, and we expect it to have a contrast ratio in the same ball park as the X900F and NU8000.

The Sony 65 inch TV X850F lacks a local dimming feature, which would otherwise help to produce deeper dark scenes and to reduce blooming around highlights. If this is important to you then the higher end X900F or the TCL 6 Series is a better choice.The X850F has wide viewing angles.

So the colors remains accurate for those with wide seating but the image still gets darker. This should be great for watching sports like hockey or football, or for gaming.The Sony 65 inch TV X850F has a wide color gamut, which is good for displaying vivid HDR highlights.

Good for Gamers

The input lag of the Sony 65 inch TV X850F is great, at about 30 milliseconds whether it is a 1080p input from a ninten do switch, or a 4k signal from an xbox one x or PC. It isn’t quite as low as many competing models, but still feels responsive and is great for gamers. 


The sound of the Sony 65 inch TV X850F is mediocre. While it can get fairly loud, it lacks bass. Those who care about sound are better off with an external soundbar or speakers.

Connectivity Options

For the connectivity you can HDMI, WI-FI, USB option to connect your Sony 65 inch TV X850F

Over All Rating

So overall, the Sony 65 inch TV X850F is a great choice for those with bright rooms and wide seating. As a result, it’s best suited for those who watch sports with a group or for TV shows in a living room. For other uses though, and especially in a dark room, the picture quality isn’t as good as the competition.

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