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haier 65 inch tv reviews

If you are looking for Haier 65 Inch TV Reviews, so this guide is for you. You will get each and every information related to specification, price, ratings, comparison and our opinion. The Haier is one the successful brand in Smart TV’s and other home appliances in USA. This guide will help you to choose best option according to your needs.

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Haier 65 Inch TV Reviews

About Haier TV – Haier 65 Inch TV Reviews

Haier 65 Inch TV Reviews is very much popular brand in US TV market since 1997. It’s a Chinese firm operated company that makes refrigerator and other home appliance in their early¬† stage. After getting positive response from market they starting to build TV and expand their business in US. Company currently offered various other consumer products like refrigerator, smart tv’s, AC, Kitchen appliances etc.

Haier 65 Inch TV Reviews

If you are looking to buy 65 inch tv, so this Haier 65 Inch TV reviews help you to choose a better options. In this paragraph, you will get all specification and feature related information.


The Haier is best budget 4k 65 inches smart TV available on the market right now. In terms of design what I can say is that air has a simple design with glossy black bezels that are not very thin but not bad at all as well I do find it personally that it’s more than acceptable. In terms of design it’s not bad the plastic is not bad it’s not the best that I’ve seen but not bad at all.


If we talk about it’s connectivity and this is one of the things that we can see and differentiate from other models. We will find the main connectivity including one VGA Ethernet connection optic allows a satellite and cable input. Also one HDMI now facing left which is also great because, it will not go against the wall we will find three HDMI inputs one headphone jack on USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 and then facing backwards we will find the RCA and the cart connectivity along with the USB 2.0 port.

Smart Features

The smart features most of the TVs that you seen are not that smart they have this smart name. But they are not that smart but I can say it here is that the TV has the ability to run a few apps that we can get from its own store.

As you guys may have the chance to see from some images there are not many apps it’s not like a Android device but I do believe that it’s enough for most users. In my case I see it as an Netflix and YouTube TV as I do believe that these will be the two most use the apps.

What I can say in terms of Netflix my feedback is that it plays great and the interface is fast it properly videos up to 4k with a great responsiveness. So no issues at all and Netflix is one of those apps. It will easily play 4k without any issues or lag and really great image and no problems.

Image Quality of Haier 65 Inch TV

The image quality guys honestly, We surprised how good the image quality is this is a 65 inch panel. So it’s not easy to accomplish this good image quality on a budget display. Actually we don’t understand, how they can get or achieve this kind of price with the quality. That we have it has some really nice viewing angles, really vibrant colors brightness and contrast.

Overall the picture is really awesome so in terms of image quality, guys what we can say is that, we are really surprised, as I’ve seen TVs that are more expensive with less quality and I’ve seen more expensive TVs with the same quality that this TV is so really great.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, it’s not that the sound is bad but it’s a TV. So the sound will be always a bit flat and once again I’ve seen worse. But it’s not that kind of experience that I would expect from this kind of image quality.

Now, I would suggest to use some kind or of a Home Theater or Sound bar additionally for example or a home-theater depending on the needs that we want but I do believe that to have a great image experience like this TV. As we will need some kind of how did that it’s not the one built in the TV.


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